There goes my hero… Here’s why Dave Grohl is a living legend

I’ve got another confession to make: Dave Grohl is a legend and you cannot deny it. If this makes you nod your head with approval: Good. If it doesn’t, please do feel invited to read a few lines on why Dave Grohl is —with great justice— everybody’s darling in rock music.

It’s not about the looks

Dave Grohl is wearing black on almost every occasion. That makes him likable, because he isn’t making a big fuss about his looks. He doesn’t support big brands like many other artists do. He’s not trying to influence us with the stuff he’s wearing. Plain black clothes is all there is. They make you look cool, confident and modest. You could argue it’s about the looks in rock ‘n’ roll, and about stage make up and outfits. While that might be true for some, Dave Grohl doesn’t need it. He is a highly talented and passionate musician who writes great songs and lyrics, he is a brilliant entertainer and he is a very down-to-earth kind of guy. On stage and off stage.

The best thing that could possibly happen to you…

The number of times Dave Grohl has invited fans onstage is close to countless. It’s THE ultimate thing that could possibly happen to you when being at a gig: Your favourite artist spotting you in the crowd and pulling you up onstage? Best feeling ever. Here’s a few things Dave has been up to recently:

Whilst playing their show in Kansas City, Missouri, on 12 October this year, Foo Fighters cover Metallica‘s Enter Sandman after Dave Grohl invites a 10-year-old fan onstage. As if being invited onstage wasn’t fun enough, Dave then gives the fan his guitar to play and perform the song with the Foos. If you think this is cool, it gets better: The kid gets to keep Dave’s guitar after he’s played it: “If I see that shit on eBay next week, I’m gonna find you”. Oh. My. God. Catching a guitar pick now feels like a truly lame thing compared to that.

Six days later, Foo Fighters are playing in St Paul, Minnesota. Whilst playing their set, Dave spots a blind fan in the audience and calls him and his family over in between songs. He invites them onstage and brings his guitar over to the boy to let him touch the strings. The boy’s mother later writes in a Facebook post: “Owen is in fact blind, he also has autism, Crohn’s Disease and developmental disabilities. He loves concerts so much. […] He likes to be held up front at most shows and we take turns holding him up so he can dance. Dave Grohl and all of the crew were incredibly kind to our family.”

BBQ for the fire brigade

But Dave Grohl doesn’t only invite people onstage. He also cooks them a BBQ: The West Coast State of California has been terribly devastated by wildfires for weeks in autumn this year, with many being injured or dead. Firefighters have given their all to help and have truly outdone themselves doing their best job. While they’re continuing to tackle the fires across the state, Dave Grohl assists in his own way: To thank them for their tireless efforts, he cooks a barbecue for the firefighters in Calabasas, Los Angeles County. On November 12, Fire Station 88 welcome Dave and receive help in form of a free BBQ, provided by a true rock star. Once more, Dave Grohl proves to be a thoughtful and kind human being with common sense, who is making the most of being famous by being a nice and decent guy.

If all that isn’t quite enough to impress you, here’s my last-but-not-least-fact that makes him the ultimate legend: Dave Grohl was NIRVANA‘s drummer! I mean, NIRVANA, hello?! Dave is truly a legend of a generation, and a legend of rock music. And my hero.

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