Ville Valo & Agents to release their album 5 February 2019

First of all I’d like to say: Happy birthday, Ville Valo! My most adored artist of all times, for what it’s worth the greatest voice in rock music and one of the most talented song writers — I could go on for ages, but will come to the point, which is: Ville Valo & Agents will be releasing their album Baddingin biisit (Finnish for “Badding’s Songs”) on 5 February 2019!

The legendary tape…

I’ve sat down and translated their announcement on Facebook from Finnish into English (I’ve studied Finnish language, after all…) and here are the facts: The album contains previously unpublished songs by legendary Finnish rock singer and song writer Rauli “Badding” Somerjoki who passed away in the 1980s, interpreted by Valo & Agents. The album cover shows Ville Valo’s hands holding a traditional tape with the words “Baddingin biisit” on it: “This tape is the root of this whole thing”, says Ville. How come? I’ll fill you in: Somerjoki records his songs years ago, Agents guitarist Esa Pulliaisen finds the tape in a desk drawer and rings up Ville Valo who has just ended his time with HIM (I’m still not over it), and all these songs then come to life again with Valo & Agents recording them for their upcoming album as a tribute to Somerjoki.


01. Kirstinkulma
02. Ikkunaprinsessa
03. Orpolapsi Kiurun
04. Paratiisi
05. Rockin’ with Enzio
06. Kuihtuu Kesäinen Maa
07. Kettu
08. Tähdet Tähdet
09. Syksin Lapsia
10. Mä Haluan Sun
11. I Told You So
12. Tuutulaulu

Among the new songs, Paratiisi and Ikkunaprinsessa strike the eye — Valo recorded those two songs some 20 years ago as part of his first collaboration with The Agents.

Baddingin biisit will be available as LP, CD and Digital. You can preorder it from 23 November OR you can wait until 5 February 2019. Whilst you’re waiting, you might want to listen to their single Orpolapsi Kiurun again, which was released in September this year. Sigh.


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