Wednesday 13 reveals details about new upcoming album “Necrophaze”

The Duke of Spook, Wednesday 13, sat down with Aaron Small of Brave Words for an exclusive interview to talk about the new album which is currently in the making and will be called “Necrophaze”. The band will be starting to record their new album by the beginning of December and according to W13, the album is pretty much done: “We’ve written all the songs, I’ve written most of the lyrics, I just need to fine tune it”, he told Brave Words.

And here’s a little sneaky peak on how the new album is going to sound like: “Not as heavy as Condolences, not as heavy as Monsters Of The Universe. It’s still got a heavy quality to it, but it’s almost got a fun atmosphere to it. Not as fun as Calling All Corpses. Maybe a little more Dixie Dead. It’s a Return Of The Living Dead kind of record, if I could compare it to a movie.” Alright, folks — be ready for some heavy-ass fun in 2019!

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