Radical Face releases free instrumental album for everyone to use

Now that’s an act of kindness and utter unselfishness: Songwriter and folk musician Radical Face aka. Ben Cooper has just released an entire album of instrumental, “score-style” music which is available to download and all free to use. The album Missing Film contains 12 tracks to convey a series of mood felt on film — the idea is that film makers can use the music to score their work with. The songs are stunningly beautiful and deeply emotional, all written in the same atmospheric style that we know from Radical Face.

“It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, to give film makers royalty-free music to work with, especially for those just beginning or with limited resources”, says Cooper on his Instagram. The music can be used without permission, “as long as the work is personal and non-commercial.”

Want to show him what you’ve got? “If you make something you’re proud of, email me a link! I’m curious to see how people will use all of this.”

What can we say? Thank you, Ben, for doing this. For supporting creatives unconditionally, for providing beautiful songs and helping others to pursue their dreams.

You can download the album here.

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