Let’s be honest here: How often do you get the chance to watch Cradle of Filth’s Dani Filth pouring milk over his morning cornflakes? Munching his cheerios and reading the paper getting ready for the day? And this is only the beginning of Bring Me The Horizon‘s music video to their single “wonderful life” from their upcoming album “amo”.

The breakfast scene is directly followed by the most epic one of the entire video: BMTH’s guitarist Lee Malia cruising along on a lawnmower, accompanied by the biggest and chunkiest riff of the whole song. HAHA!

As Dani Filth’s feature part in the song is coming up, we watch him pushing his trolley through a supermarket: No reason to stare, it’s only a fully masked goth doing his shopping — move along folks, nothing to see here. He’s deciding which milk to buy and just as he’s about to pick a few apples, the riff kicks in again, leading over to the plain sight of Lee Malia washing his camper van with a garden hose. If that doesn’t remind you of yourself on a boring Sunday, then I don’t know!

In “wonderful life” we get to see the band members doing wonderfully normal things in their everyday lives: Cutting the grass, playing with the kids, walking the dog, spending time with friends and family, doing a workout, washing the car. All nicely arranged, with a vintage filter and subtitled with the song’s lyrics.

Yes — of course we all know that the artists we love are just normal people with normal everyday lives. But we hardly ever get a glimpse into their lives, and this music video is great because it isn’t what we usually get from a music video. No show, no VIPs. No stage, no hype. This time it’s just reality. Ordinary people doing ordinary things. This connects us and the band, this gives us something we can all relate to. So thanks to Bring Me The Horizon for choosing to be so normal.

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